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If you are in business long enough, or sometimes, not very long, you may be faced with a dispute involving litigation.  Your first consideration should be, and yes, whether to engage in litigation is a business decision, is it the best decision economically?  If you are prosecuting the lawsuit, how much will it cost you in relation to the amount you hope to realize?  If you are defending the lawsuit, how much will it cost you in relation to the amount at risk?  Litigation can be expensive and usually results in a settlement whereby the litigant either gets less or pays more than hoped, depending upon its position in the lawsuit.   One of the most important skills your litigation attorney should possess is the ability to evaluate and anticipate the cost of litigation before the suit is filed or defended.  We pride ourselves on this skill and always keep in mind when providing our advice, it is the client’s money that will be financing the litigation.

Nonetheless, there are times when the best alternative is to file the suit or vigorously defend a suit filed against you.  Most often, the outcome of your lawsuit depends upon the skill, experience and judgment of your legal counsel.  Being well versed on all commercial remedies and defenses is essential to a successful outcome.  Just as important is the attention given to your case and the skill level of the litigator representing you.  When you retain our firm, the attorney handling your case will have over 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial litigation. We can help you with:

Contract Disputes

The types of disputes involving commercial litigation are diverse.  It requires the skill of an attorney knowledgeable in the issues, remedies and defenses for a wide array of matters.  We prosecute and defend suits involving breach of contract, including many related legal theories such as estoppel, fraud, conversion, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty and quantum meruit.  If the contract concerns the sale of goods, knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code is essential.  Similarly, issues concerning breach of warranty require knowledge of the various types of warranties including, general, limited and fitness for a particular purpose.  A skilled commercial litigator must also be knowledgeable of the laws concerning deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud.

 Disputes With Partners And Employees
Disputes frequently arise with shareholders, partners and employees.  Litigation issues arising under this area of the law include tortious inference with contract and business opportunity; shareholder and partnership disputes, including issues involving management and control of the business; business dissolutions; and employment disputes, including non-compete agreements, confidentiality/trade secrets issues and compensation. 

 Debt Collection
 Lastly, some businesses choose to aggressively pursue debt collection.  Many companies find it advantageous to promote a reputation for aggressively collecting their debts.  These businesses believe that filing suit to collect their debts will actually decrease their bad debt write offs if it is well known that their debtors will be sued if invoices are not paid.  We have developed practices and procedures for efficiently litigating debt collection lawsuits.  The goal is obviously to collect more money than is spent through the litigation process.Through our 30 years of experience in these matters, we have developed the skills to provide these services efficiently.

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